About the Journal

The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Approaches in Psychology (IJIAP) stands as a prominent, open-access journal with the noble purpose of promoting the widespread sharing of exceptional scientific research in the field of Psychology. Adhering to an open-access model, the journal ensures that all published articles are freely accessible to readers across the globe. 

We are a preeminent platform committed to advancing the field of psychology and fostering the global exchange of knowledge and ideas among researchers, academics, and practitioners. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, our journal functions as a reliable source of cutting-edge research in a variety of psychological disciplines.

Our mission is to provide a forum for scholarly publications of the highest caliber that contribute to the comprehension of human behavior, cognition, emotions, and mental processes. We recognize the multidisciplinary nature of psychology and welcome submissions from a variety of subfields, including clinical psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, organizational psychology, and others.

At the International Journal of Interdisciplinary Approaches in Psychology, we take great pride in the rigorous peer-review process that ensures the highest levels of research integrity and scientific validity. Our esteemed editorial board is comprised of eminent authorities in their respective disciplines who evaluate each manuscript thoroughly to ensure its importance, originality, and methodological soundness.

We promote a global perspective as an international journal by soliciting contributions from researchers worldwide. We believe that the diversity of ideas, perspectives, and cultural influences enriches the scientific discourse and advances the discipline of psychology. Our publication functions as a hub for international collaboration and knowledge exchange, fostering a thriving academic community.

In addition to research articles, we publish review papers, meta-analyses, and theoretical frameworks that provide comprehensive insights into contemporary psychology topics. Our journal aims to bridge the divide between research and practice by facilitating the translation of empirical findings into interventions and applications that positively impact individuals, communities, and society.

Researchers, academics, and professionals are cordially invited to submit original articles to the International Journal of Interdisciplinary Approaches in Psychology. Let us investigate the depths of human psychology, uncover new findings, and contribute to the development of this enthralling field. Join us as we seek a deeper understanding of the complexities of the human mind and behavior on this intellectual voyage.