Publication Ethics

Plagiarism and Fraud:

The publication will have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism and fraud, as well as will take the necessary steps to prevent and detect these practices. Authors should be required to submit original work, and any use of previously published material should be cited properly. Additionally, the journal will have procedures in place to investigate and respond to allegations of plagiarism or deception.

Data Sharing and Reproducibility:

The publication will encourage authors to make their data and methods accessible to other researchers and to take steps to assure the reproducibility of their findings. Additionally, the journal will have policies in place to resolve any concerns regarding the quality or dependability of the data or methods employed in published research.

Corrections and Retractions:

The journal will have clear policies regarding the correction of errors and the retraction of articles found to be inaccurate, fraudulent, or in violation of ethical standards. These policies will ensure that corrections or retractions are made expeditiously and openly and that readers are notified of any changes to previously published works.