Review Policy

Review Process :

All manuscripts submitted to the journal will be evaluated by at least two independent reviewers with expertise in the relevant subject as part of a rigorous peer-review procedure. The review procedure is double-blind, which means that neither the reviewers nor the authors are aware of each other's identities.

Criteria for Publication:

Using the following criteria, manuscripts will be evaluated:
· Relevance and importance of the research topic or query
· Originality and uniqueness of the study
· Validity of the research methodology and data analysis
· Clarity and consistency of the argument and delivery
· Contribution to the existing body of literature and theory

Reviewer Selection :

The selection of reviewers will be based on their knowledge and qualifications in the pertinent field. To promote a diversity of viewpoints, the journal will work to ensure that reviewers originate from a variety of academic institutions and geographic regions.

Reviewer Guidelines:

Reviewers will be given clear instructions regarding the criteria for evaluating manuscripts and the expected timeframe for completing their evaluations. Reviewers are anticipated to provide authors with constructive comments that aid in the revision of their manuscripts.

Editorial Decision:

On the basis of the reviewers' comments, the editor-in-chief will decide whether to approve, reject, or request revisions to the submitted manuscript. The author will be informed of the decision in a timely manner.

Conflict of Interest :

All assessors and editors will be required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could compromise their objectivity when evaluating the manuscript. It will not be permitted for reviewers with conflicts of interest to evaluate the manuscript.

Confidentiality :

The journal will maintain the confidentiality of all submitted and reviewed manuscripts. Reviewers are expected to maintain the confidentiality of the review process and not divulge the submitted manuscript or their comments to any third parties.

Fast Track Review :

For authors who need a quicker judgment on their manuscript, the journal could provide a fast-track review option. This may necessitate a shortened review period or expedited editorial processing for an additional fee. Ethical Standards: The review policy could include a statement on the journal's dedication to upholding ethical standards in research and publication, including plagiarism, data falsification, and authorship disputes.