A Study on Relationship between Fatigue and Decision-Making among College Students


  • Manasi Verma University of Mumbai


college students, fatigue, decision making, gender differences


College is a pivotal phase for young adult students characterized by newfound independence, social interactions and academic goals. For successful outcomes, it is important for students to navigate their choices and utilize and hone their decision-making skills. Decision-making plays a crucial role in every aspect of a student’s life from picking an academic major to daily routines. With that, it is important to understand factors that can impact students’ decision-making. The research aims to explore the relationship between fatigue and decision- making among college students. Standardized scales were utilized and administered on 70 College students with 35 male and 35 female students completing the questionnaire. The students were assessed for decision fatigue and symptoms of mental and physical fatigue. The results indicated a positive correlation between fatigue and decision fatigue, that is, an increase in fatigue reduced the decision-making ability of students. No gender differences were observed among male and female college students. The findings imply a need for interventions for fatigue management strategies for college students to help them make decisions efficiently. It is advisable to make lifestyle adjustments such as exercise, regular sleep and adequate diet.