A study on Appearance Anxiety, Self-criticism, and Self-reassurance among Young Adults


  • Tejaswi Rao Modern College of Arts & Commerce


appearance anxiety, self criticism, self reassurance, young adults


In a world, where social media and cultural norms have lasting consequences on it’s audience, getting anxious when it comes to how we look and the choices we make is evident. It's easy to get wrapped in it all and feel as though we are falling short. Criticising ourselves might seem like a tool that helps us improve but often usually leads to damaging effects on our self- esteem and mental health. In situations like this, one needs to understand the value of reassurance. Being able to provide comfort and understanding to yourself is crucial especially during times of criticism and anxiety. The research aimed to study appearance anxiety, self-criticism, and self-reassurance among young adults. Standardized scales were used to measure appearance anxiety, self-criticism, and self-reassurance. The study was conducted on a sample of 30 young adults. The results found that there was significant positive correlation between Hated Self and Threat Monitoring and significant negative correlation between Reassure Self and Inadequate Self. It is suggested to practise self-compassion, and boundaries when it comes to social media. Additionally, building a self-support system can be helpful.