A Study on Work Family Conflict & Work Engagement Among Working Women


  • Deepika Ajmani


work family conflict, family work conflict, work engagement, working women


The primary concerns of the women working in organizations these days are work to family and family to work conflicts. The current research is motivated to provide better understanding of contemporary corporate women and their conflicts. Accordingly, the purpose of this research study is to investigate the relationship between work family conflict and work engagement among working women aged 25-45 years. Work engagement is assessed on three parameters of vigor, dedication, and absorption. For this purpose, a total sample of 38 working women in different corporate sectors was collected. Standardized scales were used to measure the work family conflict, family work conflict and work engagement. Separate scores were collected for all the subscales. Descriptive statistics are obtained, and Pearson correlation was calculated. The results revealed significant negative correlation between dedication and family work conflict. Dedication, vigor, and absorption were significantly positively correlated. The results also showed significant positive correlation between work family conflict and family work conflict with absorption. The results strongly imply that supporting family and flexible working environment in organizations for women is required for their well-being.