Unravelling the threads Exploring Transgenerational Trauma and Gender differences in Trauma perception among the Kashmiri Pandit Community


  • Sahil Kanet Amity Institute of Psychology and Allied Sciences
  • Dr Shruti Dutt


trauma, generational trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, kashmiri pandits


The study aimed to understand the level of trauma and prevalence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms in the Kashmiri pandit population due to the persecution and exodus in 1990. The study addressed the generational effect of trauma and understood the gender differences in perception of trauma. Kashmiri pandits who suffered in the exodus of 1990 and their children (n = 100) participated in the study. There was no significant difference in trauma scores between the generations, along with high prevalence of trauma in both generations. This hinted at generational transmission of trauma. The results found that there was significant difference between the genders in the level of trauma with men showing higher level of trauma. The study suggested generational transmission of trauma and gender differences in trauma in Kashmiri pandit community due to their persecution in Kashmir and being forced out with the exodus of 1990. The study shows how the community has been affected psychologically with the trauma of leaving their home.